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What is REHASH?

The REHASH (Re-purposing Existing Healthcare Assets to Share) project was intended to support student progress from further to higher education in medicine and healthcare by creating an 'escalator' of common reusable learning resources. This will provide a continuity of learning from one year to the next, particularly benefiting the new generation of adult learners moving up from FE to HE, who often express both a high level of motivation and a high level of anxiety over their learning requirements. The project ran from 2005 - 2007, but the resources are still available to UK educators (see right hand column).

The project entailed re-purposing (adapting) existing collections of high-quality online learning resources to different educational levels. In a six-step process the resource is re-purposed, through collaboration between the developer and topic specialist, signed off and then packaged for use in any course or web-delivery system.

The existing resources

The St George's, University of London (SGUL) Key Topic collection is a set of online learning materials developed in-house, in collaboration with subject specialists. Each Key Topic consists of a combination of text and visual media, which may include images, photographs, diagrams, animations or videos. The collection of over 300 topics covers all the disciplines that underpin medicine and healthcare courses at levels HE1 and HE2 (anatomy, physiology, radiology, biochemistry and others).

Click the images for examples of Key Topics before and after repurposing.
before re-purposing
after re-purposing
Please contact us to get access to the REHASH resources.


Resources in JORUM
All the REHASH resources are available in Jorum and can be downloaded as a zip package to upload into your VLE.